I've finished the redesign of my application written in Gambas3.
This is a cataloging program with sqlite3 backend.

- Scanning removable devices, partitions and folders and FTP servers
- Scanning inside archives
- Exporting the results
- Browsing the scanned archive file
- Virtual Compilation. This is an option to create a CD/DVD from the files listed in database in form of k3b project and .ISO file
- Managing the disks and video DVDs, you can add video DVDs from a filelist in .TXT format.
- Managing your customers, to know to whom you've given your disks and when.
- Rating your disks and specifying their genres
- You can exclude certain files from being scanned (like Thumbs.db or ReadMe.txt)
- You can search through categories
- You can quickly remove unwanted hits from within the search results by a right-click menu.
- Reports in various formats about a volume: .TXT and .HTML
- Ability to create a complete website from out of your catalog.
- Possibility to create thumbnails of image files of following type: JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, PCX, GIF and PDF, ICO.
- Scanning through .ISO image files
- Scanning the tags of MP3 files
- PowerQuery - sophisticated search algorithm for complex

I hope you will enjoy it! Currently it is available for Ubuntu/Debian derivatives, for Fedora/Suse/Mandriva derivatives. Sources are open for compiling it for other Linux platforms too.

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