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    warnquota: change message?


    I've configure quota on my webserver and got warnquota working so users receives an email when the quota is exceeded.

    However, the message how it looks right now is not what I want to send to my users so I want to modify it a little bit.

    I can't change the message in: /etc/warnquota.conf
    I can only change some paramters there..

    So where is the message template so I can edit it?


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    Okey I found out that you can add MESSAGE and SIGNATURE to edit the message.
    However I still want to change the output you get in the middle of the mail. It just makes a simple output from edquota -u user and my users won't really understand that.
    So what I want to do is to just have something like this:

    Total: 1GB
    Used: 999MB

    Or something like that and not this:

    Website (/dev/sdb1)

    Block limits File limits
    Filesystem used soft hard grace used soft hard grace
    /dev/sdb1 +- 5996 4000 6000 23:48 13 0 0

    If it's possible to execute a script and add that output to the mail would fix everything. Does anyone know if this is possible?
    I can't find any infrmation about it.. If I add the -d flag to warnquota it won't include info about the quota. However I still want to modify it so executing a script would help a lot!
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