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    Just a little way to make file management easier...

    If you move a lot of files around between folders and directories that you as a user don't have access to, and you dont want to move them by the command-line(say you're a newbie to linux, and don't want to mess something up), what i like to do is get into a terminal, and type:
    type the password in, and then
    Which brings up the konqueror web browser/file management thingy up as root, so you can copy and paste with a GUI feel to it.

    And sorry if everybody knows this, but it is a pretty useful tool for newbies.

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    Very many thanks.

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    Funny. I usually use regular expression to move files when they get too big. What's unusual is that I always use the mouse to move things in Windows but I'm always typing away in Linux in the console.
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    Rather natural, I'd say. In UNIX, you have good globbing, regexps, and especially in bash you have tab completion as well. That simply makes for a very efficient command line interface.

    One very useful thing in Linux, for example (relative to Windoze), is when you have, say, many episodes of a TV series that all have different names, except that all have the episode number in them. Then you just use this to give them all consistent file names:
    for file in *; do mv "$file" "Series name - `echo "$file" | sed 's/^.*\([0-9][0-9]\).*$/\1/'`.avi"; done
    No, this has nothing to do with pirating over P2P networks. Why would you think that? =)
    Anyway, that's yet another reason as to why I love the command line. Say I had twenty of those files, and only a GUI file manager. Then I'd have to sit and tediously rename each and every file manually. Then, well believe it or not, but I do prefer the above command.

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