I'm having a weird font problem with a qt application and I'm hoping someone can help. One of the windows in application displays font sizes too large - but only on some computers. I have 4 machines all running OpenSUSE 11.2 and it displays properly on two machine and too large on the other two.
I've tried messing with qtconfig, and it says the settings are the same across all the computers, fonts default to 10 points. But on the computers that display fonts too large, setting the default to 9 points only affects some of the text. There are two check boxes, a button, and some text in a text box that display properly on the bad machines under 9 point font. But the labels telling you what the text in the text box means are not affected by changing the font size.
I've also tried deleting the ~/.config directory that holds qt settings but that only resets things to the way they were (if I changed the font size to 9 it resets it back to 10).
I've also tried comparing xorg.conf files, nvidia drivers, and nvidia graphics cards across machines trying to find something that might help but so far I'm out of luck. Does anyone have any other ideas?
Oh, and I do appologize if I haven't made myself very clear. If I've left something out please tell me and I'll get it.
Thank you!