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    Is there a GNU version of Final Draft

    I am looking for a something that could parse a final draft XML file does that exist

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    Celtx is an equivalent to Final Draft and it can import from Final Draft but with a limitation. Celtx wiki
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    HiAlpha90. I've been yelling at the Final Draft people for years, explaining to them that their product works flawlessly under wine, except it won't remember product key activation after restarting. This seems like a really easy fix and would open their product up to Linux users but they are totally indifferent to us. I still use Final Draft but have to boot into XP to use it. FD 7 works well when running XP in a virtual machine but FD 8 gives problems when trying to run in a virtual machine.

    There is a new screenwriting app called "Fade in" which runs on all three platforms. Even if I never use it, I thought it was worth buying since the creators thought well enough to port it for us. Importantly, it will import and export to .fdx... a big plus. The interface is fairly intuitive but it lacks a few features that make Final Draft easier to use. Still, I think Fade In is well worth the cost. There is a demo you can check out too. Hope this helps...
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