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Thread: alsamixer

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    When my sound didn't work (I have a 5.1 system), I've installed alsamixer to check out the configuration. Now I'm wondering about some entries:

    Master - overall sound
    PCM - not sure
    Front - front
    Surround - enable other channels than 2.0, though not sure
    Center/L - center, but what does the L stand for?
    Side - not sure
    Line - not sure
    Mic - mic
    IEC958 - not sure
    Digital - not sure

    So basically I'm looking for some info on what these of which I am "not sure" are.

    Another thing is that my subwoofer doesn't seem to work.

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    Google is a pretty good search engine. I typed in "alsamixer PCM" and I found this website:
    ALSA project - the C library reference: PCM (digital audio) interface
    You can probably find out all the answers to your question this way. Or you can ask another, more specific question in this thread once you have more information.
    Have fun!

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    For some reason it started working now, I have no idea why - didn't do anything, except a couple updates. Thanks though!


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