Hi everybody! I have some videos with dual audio (original english and dubbed italian), but with no subtitles for the original audio, which I had to get separately. Plus, the default audio is the dubbed one, while I want the video to be original audio + subs on startup. I'm trying to use avidemux for this, as I've read it's a great and easy to use GUI for avi muxing, but I'm encountering some problems:

  1. I can't get double audio to work. The problem is I can choose the main track from the two the video is originally provided with, but when I try to choose the second track it wouldn't let me take an internal one, giving me only the options for separate audio files
  2. I can't get even subtitles to work (d'oh!). As it is showed in some tutorials for the application, I select output video codec to be XviD, to let me enable filters, and then choose subtitles --> subtitler (I have .srt subs). It let me choose position, size, color, font, delay... but nothing will be actually written in the output video (anyway, just to clarify, I'd want a subtitle option included in the file, like if it was an external file with the same name n the same folder, so that I can choose with my video player wether to display them or not, being able to turn them off if I want to watch the dubbed version or I want to practice understanding english without any help; I don't want subs to be permanently pasted on the video images).
  3. Also if I could manage to get dual audio or subs to work, I couldn't get dual audio AND subs to work: to save double audio I need to select "AVI, dual audio" output format, which is possible only if I copy the original video, option that doesn't let me enable any filters and so add any subtitle

Anyone can help me solve this issue? Or does anyone know any better application/terminal command to mux videos being able to add toggle subs and dual audio choosing the default one? Thanks much!