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    Question rsync --compress-level=NUM. What is NUM?

    man rsync says:
    Explicitly set the compression level to use (see --compress) instead of letting it default. If NUM is non-zero, the --compress option is implied.

    This doesn't help too much... What values can NUM be? 1-5? 1-10000? Does a bigger number mean higher compression / less network traffic or other way around?

    I've googled this quite a bit and can't find any answers.

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    Hi and welcome

    you are right, I also couldnt find an explanation for NUM.
    However, I am fairly sure that the range is from 1-9 as rsync uses zlib.
    9 means highest compression.
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    Thank you for the extremely quick response! A further question on that if I may - what's the default compression level if only the -z / --compress flag is used?

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    Actually, Google did return results for that answer - it's 6. (Can't link to answer though, because I'm new)

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