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    media players and the iPod

    For a while now I've been wishing I could replace iTunes with something on Linux and reduce my need for Windows. It would be nice if Apple would just release iTunes for Linux but I'M pretty sure that's not going to happen. The thing is, nothing handles an iPod as good as iTunes. I can't even play my audio books(.aax) from on a Linux machine at all. Last time I had Banchee as my Linux media player and had it running my iPod, a lot of really bad things happened. For starters, it started re-naming all of my songs to 4 random capital letters, something like this, TAGK, or XAZU, and also deleting songs from my computer completely. I didn't notice it removing songs because it wasn't removing them from my iPod. So when I transferred my music back to my Windows iTunes, my iPod was wiped out and re-loaded without all the songs that Banchee had been removing behind my back. Those songs weren't anywhere, not in my music folder and not in the recycle bin. Anyway, wouldn't it be easier if media players attempting to work with an iPod would just remove everything from an iPod and load one with it's own music software? I would think that that would be a lot less buggy than the media player(s) trying to work with the Apple software already loaded onto the iPod. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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    Don't know if this would work on an ipod, but I've used Audacity to recode .wav files to mp3 and played on my generic mp3 player. You might see if it would let you recode your Itunes to something you could use.
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    When I first converted to Linux, I had the very same problem. I did have a Mac but gave it to my sister. I liked Macs but I never became dependent on them. I had Win7 for a long time and in some ways I liked it but it was inefficient and having to keep paying for stuff like anti-virus and system mechanics and all kinds of programs got really old, really fast.

    So I converted to Linux and at first it seemed that the transition was to good to be true. But then the itunes issue came up. I did a lot of personal reading on the subject. I asked every forum I could find for help. I tried to become an expert at installing wine and then I tested installing old versions of itunes. I tried using the cloud with a virtual windows desktop but the virtual desktop would not connect directly to my iphone or itouch.

    So here is my final conclusion:

    Any and every file you have on itunes must be converted to a file that can be played by a standard player, whether it is video or audio.

    Podcasts are easy because most podcasts are not exclusively itunes and there is an rss feed that will go directly to players like banchee.

    Videos should not be difficult, but I admit I never had any purchased videos from itunes so I never had to figure that one out.

    Music can be converted to mp3 and there are many different ways to do it.

    As far as, it would not surprise me if there is a way to convert the audio, although I do not know how. But there is a possibility you may have to accept that books will never work on a linux based player. However, I have a hard time believing that.

    And you should have an external storage harddrive that saves all important video and audio as backups.

    If banchee is eating your music then I suggest GNOME Player, There are many players out there on linux. I do not know what banchee is doing, but what you described has never happened to me.

    Good luck.


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