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    Administrating Large Banks of PCs

    How do you administrate large banks of PCs?

    I'm wondering, for instance, if you have 50 computers, and your boss is like, "YELL YELL YELL, SHOUT YELL, DO apt-get install yourjobsucks ON EVERY COMPUTER IMMEDIATELY!"

    What's the standard practice to achieve this? Do you keep all the computers IPs statci and keep a list of them? Do you initialize them all with a naming pattern? How do you remotely execute code on them all, do you keep a shared password for all the systems, or do something sneakier?

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    Hahaha, I'm sorry to see that management techniques are still as bad as ever. Tell him to take a chill pill get some real management training.

    Try ClusterSSH. You will need identical login user names / passwords or shared key thing.
    Puppet Master is another choice, but is a bit more involved to set up.

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    hehe, thank you so much for the support Atescomp

    I'll look into these two packages later this week, they both look really cool.


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