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    Bandwidth Monitoring Tool

    Hi All,

    Please suggest a bandwith monitoring tool which is not required to be installed on gateway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skymet View Post
    Please suggest a bandwith monitoring tool which is not required to be installed on gateway.
    can u elaborate a little? is there some server that is getting pegged on the network (i.e., webserver) and you want to see the related network activity? otherwise, if you install network monitoring software on a computer that is not a network single point of exit/entrance, you may not be getting the full picture.

    anyway, there are a wealth of network monitoring tools at your disposal. you can check out Wireshark for a good graphical tool for network monitoring and is available pre-packaged in most distros.

    Here are a whole bunch more:

    Bandwidth Monitoring Tools For Linux*|*Ubuntu Geek

    It is an Ubuntu article, but you'll find the packages for many other distros.

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    You might want to try gnome-system-monitor. It is a GUI based tool, installed by default. You can monitor not only bandwidth, processes as well.

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    Hi guys,

    I would explain the current scenario first.

    We have two ISPs, one primary and other as backup. then we have a transparent proxy which is also configured as a router for two subnets. We are currently using "Nagios" to monitor all hosts in the netwok.
    Now, what I require is an Internet bandwidth utilization tool which can monitor bandwidth utilisation of individual systems in the network.
    What I have already tried is "Baandwidth" tool on proxy but it did not turn out well. Also tried other tool which does not require to be installed on gateway, out of which "EtherApe" gave sine results but not so good in terms of accuracy and GUI interface.

    I would try Wireshark now as Atreyu suggested and some others and post the result... Thanks.

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