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    Screen command character weirdness

    I have been using the GNU screen with some headless Linux servers at work for ages. I've always logged in using Putty in Windows and things work like a charm.

    Now, I have redefined the command character (for obvious reasons) in .screenrc like this:

    escape ^<<

    This has always worked perfectly well (ie. pressing "control" and "<" keys simultaneusly) in Putty, but it doesn't work anywhere else (e.g. ssh from xterm running on Linux).

    OK, I understand now that there is no such control character as ^< in ASCII, but why this particular configuration works with Putty?

    And is there a way to make it work everywhere?

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    I modified my ~/.Xmodmap to make CTRL-UpArrow and CTRL-DownArrow work real nice for vim:
    keycode 109 = Control_R Mode_switch
    ! Mods: |Nothing|Shift|Mode_switch|Shift+Mode_switch|
    ! Up and Down arrows
    ! CTRL-Y for vim 0x19
    keycode  98 = Up Up 0x19 0x19
    ! CTRL-E for vim 0x05
    keycode 104 = Down Down 0x05 0x05
    Maybe you could do something similar?

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