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    how to pxe boot windows xp,7 and linux through linux

    i would like to build a pc that runs linux that other computers on a network can connect via PXE to install windows xp, windows 7, ubuntu, backtrack, crunchbanglinux and vareous other tools such as ultamatebootcd my question is how do i do this

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    I have never installed windows so I can not help with "installing windows from PXE".

    You need to have install and configure (can be on a single computer):
    • a tftp server
    • a dhcp server
    • the pxelinux (from syslinux if I remember correctly)

    The DHCP server needs to tell a PXE client the host for the tftp server (which it calls nextserver)

    Inside the tftp download you need to include the pxlinux configuation which will specify a kernel and an initramfs to be downloaded to the client

    The initramfs then needs the code to do the install (kick start for example or run the installer program)

    There are many online howto for installing Ubuntu via PXE (see,,, etc)

    I have a PXE that installs Gentoo (via binary packages) after an initial stage3 and portage tarball. I had to write the installer to perform partitioning, applying filesystems, untaring the stage3 and portage tarballs, mounting the new partitions (correctly for a chroot) and then all the the remainder of the work. I use an NFS server (also on the tftp server) that contains the binary packages used while installing.

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