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    Unable to install amdec-0.5.1 (Ambisonic Decoder)

    Hi, brand new to the forums here and newbie linux user as well (2 months in). I am running Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS on a lenovo x61 tablet w/ Intel Core 2 Duo CPU L7500.

    I am trying to get an ambisonic sound system running off my laptop. (via ardour). I have followed the instructions for installing ambdec 0.5.1. (I would post links here but not allowed yet).

    Per the ambdec instructions, I have installed the dependent libraries "clthreads-2.4.0" and "clxclient-3.6.1" in that order. Then when I go to make in the ambdec-0.5.1/source directory, this error comes back to me:

    g++ -O2 -ffast-math -Wall -MMD -MP -DVERSION=\"0.5.1\" -DSHARED=\"/usr/local/share/ambdec\" -march=native -I/usr/X11R6/include `freetype-config --cflags` -c -o ambdec.o
    In file included from
    jclient.h:30:23: fatal error: jack/jack.h: No such file or directory
    compilation terminated.
    make: *** [ambdec.o] Error 1
    I have Jack installed (along with Ardour) and have searched for jack.h and have found it in several places on my system. Just not sure how to proceed here.

    Appreciate the help, thanks!
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    I am not familiair with this. The first thing that stumps me, however, is that ambdec is in the Ubuntu repositories.

    aptitude install ambdec
    Will install 0.5.1 (just checked). Any particular reason of going through the pain of compiling?

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    that sorted it, thank you.


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