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    How to configure a local printer in linux based putty client?


    I'm using putty on an Ubuntu linux to connect to other linux servers. With the ubuntu desktop there is a local printer via an USB-RS232 adapter connected.

    This printer prints when I am do e.g. echo "Hello" > /dev/ttyUSB0

    But what do I have to put into the field of Putty "Remote-controlled printing" (in the Terminal section of Putty), to address this local printer?
    In windows I can simply choose from a dropdown. (and then the remote application on the linux server is printing on the windows printer)

    But what do I have to do on a Linux based Putty? The printer is a simple ascii only receipt printer.


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    Linux/UNIX systems normally use "cups" as a daemon (service) and it manages printer queues locally (and can route printouts to other machines and their queues).

    command line commands include:
    Use man to find out about the commands.

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    probably there is a misunderstanding. The question is not how to print in general in linux. And sending data to print is general working already, as mentioned above.
    The question is, what to put in the Putty configuration dialog, to address either a local printer or simply send the data to /dev/xyz


    The input field where you see "None (printing disabled)" is in the windows version a drop down field, where you can choose a printer. I would like here to put something like /dev/ttyUSB0. But unfortunately that doesn't work as expected. (even if it works on command line) I do not know, what Putty is expecting here in the Linux version.


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    Just solved it:
    a simple "cat > /dev/ttyUSB0" worked.

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