Hi, people. I used to run windows and I had all applications configured as I want, but now that I've decided to switch to Linux, I'm having trouble to run some issues. Before posting, I've done my best trying to find my way out, but I recognize the need of some help due to my newbie status and my reduced knowledge of this OS. So thanks in advance...

I'm running the Kubuntu 12.10 on a AMD phenom and 4GB RAM, here are my issues:

- How to configure (step by step, if possible) AVerTV Hybrid + FM PCI ???
- iTunes is suitable to use ? If not, what alternatives ??
- aMule is the equivalent of eMule ? Is it working the same way ??
- Can you recommend me Anti-Virus and Firewall, and anything to improve security ??

I hope you can help, any suggestions for newbie user also welcomed. Thanks.

P.S. Any configuration of hardware or installation of software are the same in all Linux versions, or this may vary ??