Hello Forum!

I got a capture from a friends shell, that I successfully replayed by using the command:
home$ scriptreplay time.file shell.file
When I open shell.file with my vim or nano, I get a lot of weird control characters like "H^H^H^H^[" or "^[[K^M^".
While replaying the file as said above, the characters are interpreted and everything works fine.

Furthermore there is another problem:
Within the capture there is several times the nano editor used, that output is also missing in the shell.file (but is displayed while replaying).
I already tried to produce another output file, with:
home$ scriptreplay time.file shell.file > output.file
My question to the "explanation" above:
How can I write the capture into a file and have everything in there interpreted (like the control characters, like the editor outputs)- the same it would be displayed on the shell while replaying it?

Best regards