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    OK. Who uses the Scroll Lock anyway?

    I hate Caps Lock because I accidentally hit it when I go for the A key, then I'm all uppercase, have to backspace through it, and type it again. Here's how to make Scroll Lock into Caps Lock.

    Make file in $HOME, call it .xmodmap or something:
    ! If you have undefined keys, login as root and 
    ! tail -f /var/log/syslog to find them while
    ! pounding on the undefined keys.
    ! Clear all the modifiers
    clear Lock
    clear Shift
    clear Control
    ! Then set them all up again
    keycode 50 = Shift_L
    keycode 62 = Shift_R
    ! Change Caps_Lock to Shift_L
    keycode 66 = Shift_L
    add Shift = Shift_L
    add Shift = Shift_R
    ! Scroll_Lock is now Caps_Lock
    keycode 78 = Caps_Lock
    ! or you can do this:
    ! keycode 78 = F28
    ! Now Scroll_Lock is Function Key 28
    Pure example.

    Then you type "xmodmap ~/.xmodmap" and the keyboard has been fixed to your liking.

    Now it's the window manager's domain. Tell the window manager what to do with F28. I use icewm, so in ~/.icewm/keys I say:
    key "F28"                       firefox -new-window http://SOME_URL
    Bob's yer uncle.

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    Nice input. Thanks for the input but what about the logo and particularly its design. Any suggestion or sharing like these will be welcome.

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