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    Picture from computer to TV: how to setup?

    Would like to send the picture on my computer to the TV. The computer has vga and hdmi output. I have a converter that outputs to composite and svideo. I wasn't able to get the picture working on the TV, which is a CRT. Is there something I need to set up on Linux to get things working? what would be the best connection?


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    More likely it is something you would need to set up on your TV, probably something which isn't there. How old is the TV? You could hook a VGA cable to the computer and directly to the TV if you had VGA input ion the TV. Apparently that is not an option? On most newer televisions, you have an Input option you can select, usually a button on the side/back of the TV and then your VGA/HDMI would connect. You might try getting the model and manufacturer name of the TV and googling it for the manual as most TVs have on line owners/user manuals.

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    Like yaneck said. My new TV has usb and software support for that. If me. If old Tube TV BUT at least has VGA plug on the back. I would use a Linux Image viewer like

    Then make sure vga is the only input on that old Monitor from the computer. They sell splitter vga cables online also.
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