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    Installing Programs in Places other than /usr/bin

    So I'm planning on attempting to make the switch to linux (again) and was planning on having /usr and /home mounted on my 1 terrabyte drive. However is it possible to manually install a program to somewhere other than /usr/bin so I can install specific programs on my new solid state drive.

    (And ya I also posted this in the fedora forum but after thinking twice I felt here would be more appropriate so feel free to delete that one, unless I'm able to in which case I will)

    Thanks in advance!

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    That is not a problem, but you will have to point your PATH environment variable to include the new path to the executables installed there. Example: assume you have created a mount point /mnt/ssd, mounted the file system there, and put your new programs in /mnt/ssd/bin. Then you would need to set that path in your user .bash_profile script:
    export PATH="${PATH}:/mnt/ssd/bin"
    You could also add this to /etc/profile so that ALL users get it automatically (it should by default).
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    I've noticed that while I generally like Linux in general and such, doing any kind of custom configuration is much more involved. Like I tried getting fedora set up, worked fine but royally screwed it up when trying to install the proprietary Linux drivers due to some confliction with the default open source drivers, and for whatever reason my Ubuntu install didn't work this time. Fun times... thanks for the advice though!


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