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    Question Can you stop second drive accessing old grub installation?

    I have two sata drives.
    The "old" one has Ubuntu and a dead WindowsXP OSs with a grub menu.Currently disconnected.
    The "new" drive has a fresh install of Ubuntu 12.04LTS.

    I would like to re-connect the "old" drive to access files I have collected on it,mainly in the WinXP OS.

    I don't want to confuse the sytem,if this would. by connecting two drives both with a working version of Grub on them.
    I know I can edit grub so that it doesn't probe for new OSs but is there a way of stopping the old grub being loaded or,if the system boots from the new disk, doesn't it matter?

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    A couple of possible solutions:
    1) make the "old" drive unbootable, using fdisk or parted or some suitable program (Just unset any bootable flags you find on the old disk's partitions)
    2) Uninstall grub from the "old" disk, using some such command as (as root)
    grub-uninstall /dev/sdx where sdx is the "old" disk. You may be able to do this from any configuration programme your distro has. But be careful, so you do not end up with an unbootable system.

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    If your 'new drive' with Ubuntu 12.04 is set to first boot priority boot it with the old drive attached and the new Ubuntu should boot. Then run: sudo fdisk -l(Lower case Letter L in the command) and make note of the output. You 'old drive' should show as a secondary drive, sdb, sdc, etc. Look for partitions that are ntfs and find the device partition name. Probably something like sdb1, sdb2, etc. Create a mount point in the Ubuntu /mnt directory: sudo mkdir /mnt/sdb1 as an example and then mount the partition. You should then be able to copy the files from windows to the new drive or wherever you want them copied.

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    Basically, just as yancek has said it, you can just go into the BIOS and and change the boot priority. Make sure your new drive is set to boot first. After that you can mount the old drive and you can even chroot into it and perform a grun-uninstall, but I don't think it will really be necessary if all you want to do is copy your old data.

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