I'm sorry to add yet another post to the collection on this application, but nobody seems to have my basic problem and I'm not sure that I can get good results with a few search words in this case. If I'm doing something wrong, I had no problem with the straightforward account setup in Claws Mail. Since I actually want to be able to send, view, and print HTML mail to graphical document files such as PDF, it looks like I will need Evolution for this.

I have so far managed to find my way through the Preferences menu to a list of items where I could "Add" an account, and I found what sort of resembled typical account settings criteria for username, servers for POP and SMTP. What seemed very weird is there was no prompt in any of the tabs for a login password! Went through each step, then proceeded to the next until it said "Congratulations!...", but of course when I tried to download my email the connection window just hung endlessly, and I never even got a password prompt! As stated already, I found no dialog for entering my password in my account settings, so how am I supposed to do this? Please don't treat this as an account settings typo - I know my server names and I have gone over my input 1000x! Anyway, how is anyone supposed to be able to login to a secure server such as Road Runner with Evolution, when it doesn't seem interested in storing your password, and will not show you a login prompt?

Thanks, all who try to help!