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    Open Office - Spell checker hangs

    I'm running Fedora Core 3 - Gnome Desktop. - Open Office 1.1.2. (OO)

    The Problem:

    Whenever I try to right click on a word to fix the spelling of a word, Open Office hangs. It will hang and hang and the mouse won't move too fast. If I am lucky I can click on another window and the probelm will eventually *go away*. If I wait for a three minutes (I timed it), It will eventually come up with a list that I can pick from. Every time I spell a word wrong though, I have to go through this process and it's very time consuming.


    Well, I guess the fool proof solution would be to not spell any words wrong, right? What I am wondering is if anybody else experiences this problem, if there is an alternative to Open Office (though I really like OO). If there is a solution out there, does anybody know it?

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    Try Abiword if you want. It's (IMHO) lighter and faster if all you need is a word processor. OOo is a nice office suite, however, and should be fixable.

    Can you post the output of 'free' when you are running OOo? It sounds as if you may be swapping or somesuch. Also post the output of 'hdparm /dev/hda', replacing hda with the hard drive of your Linux partitions.
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