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    Printer configuration for X-Windows and command line..?

    Hi all, hope you had a nice Thanksgiving..

    I received a new Laser printer for my Xmas present (early) and installed ok, or so I thought. It works fine from the command line in a window, but when I attempt to do via an x window it doesn't seem to go anywhere. I was hoping that someone could lead me to a description of what's going on and where I need to install what to make this seamless...

    I used the CUPS installation via the "local:631" interface on my browser. What else needs to be done to make this 'global' so to speak? I have checked the "System Settings -> Printers" and it is there.

    I guess I'm confused about how these work and the difference. Is there other software modules that need to loaded?

    Thanks to all...


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    You can print using the command line in a terminal such as xterm or whatever terminal your desktop provides, or you can print from the console using the command line, that is, the consoles that you get to by using Ctrl+Alt+F4, or whatever F<number> you like which are outside the X-window system.

    There is a command line printing information page at localhost:631 in your browser called "Command-Line Printing and Options." I'm not sure what you mean when you say "when I attempt to do via an x window it doesn't seem to go anywhere" because terminals such as xterm or
    gnome-terminal are accessed on top of the X-window system.

    You might need to make your printer the default printer for your computer to get a "global" effect which allows any user to print. You do this by going into localhost:631 and go to "Administration" and then to "Manage Printers" and eventually get to the "Set as server default" option and set it.

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    avek, thanks for the reply. I installed via the "local:631" and it seems to work ok..

    When I'm in Emacs or other windows type environment, it doesn't seem to go anywhere, like it's going down a black hole. Seems like there is some difference between a command line and having a GUI. I have read this somewhere, but can't seem to place it. When I went to install in the system services -> printers, it did complain, this was in the window at the local selection
    FirewallD is not running. Network printer detection needs services mdns, ipp, ipp-client and samba-client enabled on firewall.
    Seems like this is some spooler, but not what I want, I think. I have set it to default, but it still doesn't work within Emacs...

    Is there some place that holds these queued up files for a printer? I'm really not clear of the differences between them.

    I use Emacs a lot and when I click on it's printer icon, I get nothing, so somewhere between these it's going?

    Thanks, if you understand what I'm trying to spell out, or ask me more I appreciate the response.


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    With your extra details, I think the problem you describe is out of my range and my experience. Whenever I am in an X-windows client program and want to print, I choose the print function from some menu and a dialog box comes up with details of my printer which I can then activate through that dialog box. For example if I'm using a pdf reader like evince, or a postscript reader like gv, or a browser like firefox, they just transfer me, so to speak, to the printer through the dialog boxes that they throw up. Unfortunately I am not a user of emacs so I can't be of any help there. With vim, which I use, if I want to print a file I use the command line to print a text file with enscript, or to print a postscript formatted file I just use lpr from the command line.

    I suppose, looking at the code you included, it suggests you have a network printer and that it needs the programs it mentions. I would check that all those programs are loaded. And with a network printer I think there should be an ip address and a configuration file in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts, but I would have to research that one because I have no experience with it. Sorry to be of so little help.

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