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    Looking for privacy-conscious team time-scheduling software


    As the title says... More specifically, this is for a small group of people (5) in the medical sector, working in the same building, to coordinate their schedules and share patient information. While on the intranet it can use a web interface (or not), it should be disconnected from the WWW as there will be confidential patient information in the system -- unless there is a way to disallow external access to the patient info database, while allowing access to the time roster (who works when, but not which patient is scheduled then... or perhaps it could show the patient's initials). That would be quite handy, as the schedule could then be checked from home.

    Ideally, each of the five would log in and be presented with his/her own shedule, be able to alter it, and meanwhile inspect the others' schedules. Altering the schedule of the others should be possible too, perhaps with a slightly higher threshold -- "Are you sure? Y/N" -- because sometimes ad-hoc arrangements are made over the phone etc. There should be default appointment lengths (differing per practitioner) to quickly manipulate the roster, but the lengths should be adjustable on a per-appointment basis. Each appointment will be with a specific patient: the interface should allow 'clicking on the appointment' to directly provide the patient info from the database. It would be good if database content would be clearly tagged with which practitioner added it.

    That's about it. This is not a team that requires a lot of software-based interaction, though something like a sticky-note side system in the software might be a handy addition.

    Does any software (or combination thereof) come to mind? Thanks!

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    I don't know if they would be overkill, but these may be of interest
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    Thanks, elija. They do look rather like overkill, but perhaps that can be ignored. Doing a search on 'medical practice management software' brought up a Wikipedia section too, with some more packages. I don't have enough posts here to insert a link, but: ment_software (that's 'management' in one word... the message board system seems to break it up).


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