I have configured squid and squidguard and currently everything is working fine. However I would like to do a little tweak to the configuration which is not working yet.

I have multiple groups (userlist) that contain a list of users. In squidguard I have configured access lists for these different groups on what they will be able to access (websites) with blacklists.

The problem that I have is that certain users that belong to a particular group need to access 'extra' websites that are configured in that group.

To give an example:

User 1 - belongs to internet_group + mail_group

internet_group - these can access all websites except mail websites such as gmail etc...

mail_group - these can access mail websites

Now in the case of the internet_group, I only want user1 to be able to access mail websites and that is why I entered him in the mail_group. However squidguard works line by line. When the user enters his credentials, squidguard checks in which group user1 belongs to. When squidguard finds out that the user belongs to internet_group, he will not have access to the mail websites (access denied). Squidguard I think does not check if the user belongs to an additional group.

In this case, would it be possible to have a user that belongs to 2 different groups and have access according to these groups? Thanks