Hi guys,

I have PFsense installed and it has been working so far - I originally set it up because I had two separate public IP ranges on my dedicated server - I have two addresses in one subnet - and

One of those is for my dedicated server and the other is assigned to the WAN interface on PFsense.

then I have another subnet that is routed directly to the WAN ip of pfsense.

This subnet is also public and is, so I assigned one of those IP addresses as LAN interface on PFsense, and then I use that address as the gateway for all of my other VMs, which use a static address from the pool of addresses available in that subnet.

I had to turn NAT to manual in pfsense - I guess thats because I am dealing with public IP addresses, I dont need any NATing.

However, I am running out of public IP addresses now, so I wanted to set up an additional subnet - a private IP range, for example, and then configure NAT on PFsense to translate these private addresses into a public one.

I have set up an additional interface which gets labeled as OPT1, and assigned that with, then I have created a VM on my server with, put them into the same virtual subnet in hyperV, but the windwos VM has no internet connection.

I think I need to set up NAT for that local IP, but not sure exactly how to do it - any pointers?