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    Angry Migrated vTiger server to virtualbox, wowza!! Everything went haywire!

    Ill just give the "readers digest" version...

    -Had a beautiful, working version of vTiger 5.2.1
    -One day...not sure why, but I went to login and instead of a login page, I was greeted with a blank white page.
    -I did some *very* basic debugging, which amounts to NOTHING
    -Posted a job on
    -One tech made it to where I could login, but several days later my machine updated... Im sure I did it being in the wrong ssh screen...I must have hit "yum update"...
    -From this point forward, NOTHING WORKS...White screen, sometimes its a bunch of errors...mainly griping about php and mysql
    -This tech disappeared
    -The next tech from the same site, logged in...I never heard from him again.

    I am now using a turnkeylinux version of vTiger 5.4

    OK...So, its a different version. I have several customizations on my original vTiger installation that I cant copy over...Not for any other reason than I just dont know how. Ive copied the web directory to the new server...nadda. Ive also taken the mysqldump from old server, restored to new...nadda...

    Im lost guys...How do I even begin to see what the problem is and more importantly, I need the system back up in the new VB...


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    I've been around VirtualBox (VB) for awhile now last place I was at used it on all the workstations and I use it for test environment. It can stop working due to system updates, but usually will give a error message that it's extentions need to be updated. Also any file system hicups and a VM can get hosed and time to switch to clone of the VM if you made them. Also their snapshots can get picky about what you can apply them to.

    I run VB on Debian and looks like you're on some Redhat dilect seeing you mention yum. I would check if VB kernel extentions need to be updated and also check you filesystem see if any fixes are needed. Hope you were making clones of your VM and backing them up you might have to fall back to one.

    Good luck.

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