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    Recommendation for an Application Firewall (open source or commercial)

    Hi all,
    Can anyone recommend an application firewall with gui.
    Mandatory feature, query user on first occurrence, and built-in configurations for known software.
    Under windows the Symantec Firewall has built in rules for known applications. In addition, I have it configured that anything new that attempts to access the internet has to be approved first. This way I caught some trojans on my computer.
    This, for me, is a serious hurdle to switching to Linux.
    My new PC will be arriving next week, and I would really like to start using Linux on my home PCs regularly.

    Can anyone recommend such a firewall?


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    You have to change your threat model. Doze and *nix are not vulnerable to the same things. An *application* firewall, strictly speaking, is not really necessary for a home *nix user. There are comercial versions available and they ain't cheap.

    See with doze you know that crap is going to get in the system. Period. So you need a way to stop it from calling home before you figure out it's there. In *nix we just keep that crap out of the system; for the most part. There are execptions. But almost all of them involve you being foolish enough to install crap on to your system or NSA ninjas.

    NSA ninjas don't have time for you. You're too small for them to waste their time.

    Stick with your distro's repos and you pretty much won't have to worry about getting tricked in to installing crap to your system.

    Dig in to *nix, harden your box, learn the basics of a *nix firewall on the local machine and you'll be fine for most home use.

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    UFW (not United Farm Workers, but Uncomplicated Firewall) along with ClamAV should soothe your Windoze-induced rightful paranoia. The trade-off is learning it -- as it says, it is uncomplicated. Relatively speaking.

    Welcome to Linux and dont be afraid to have to reinstall it a few times -- that's normal for a newbie who wants to learn -- it being your chosen distro, that is! The link I gave also gives a hint towards a currently very good one.

    Coming from windoze to GNU/Linux is like being released from a prison after spending many years there -- the Freedom can be overwhelming. Linux is Not Windows
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