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    Which to use with Corel Draw? Mint? Ubuntu? Zorin?

    I'd like to get away from Win XP Pro with all the security problems.
    I have already migrated to Firefox, and Thunderbird.
    Also have a 2nd slave HD
    I'm an old fart that used to work with IBM punch cards, tape drives, Wang computers, Burroughs computers, Win 3.1, Win 95.
    I've been using Corel Draw 7.0 for the last 20 years, and don't want to lose that. (4 thousand+ files)
    I'm like Charlton Heston, "You'll have to pry my rifle out of my cold-dead hands" when it comes to Corel Draw.
    All I do is graphics, web, email, and play MP3.
    I've read lots on the web about:
    Mint Mate + Wine
    Ubuntu + Wine
    Zorin + Wine
    and Puppy.
    What would be best?
    Dual boot Win XP for graphics only and Puppy for the web/email?
    I'm willing to learn a new OS, and I'm sure there are some
    great graphics compatible software, but I have to have my Corel Draw.
    Any ideas?

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    Being an older version it's hard to say if it will work well in wine or not - as you can see here no-one has posted a test in a while:

    You could try one of the live distros that has wine installed and test. Zorin I believe does.

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    Corel Draw didn't know it was still around it's been bought and sold so many times. Have you talked to anyone running it with WINE. From what I can see is people running Windows in a VM and Corel Draw in the VM version of Windows.
    A lion does not lose sleep, over the opinion of sheep.

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    Regarding which of the three listed operating systems, I doubt it would make much difference as both Mint and Zorin are Ubuntu based. If it works on one, it should work on all three. Checking the winehq site is probably your best bet to see if it would be expected to work. If not use a Virtual Machine as suggested above to put xp on.

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