Lately I was configuring Squid + SquidGuard and I noticed that there is a particular limitation. Unfortunately having multiple groups with multiple filters does not work as it should. Reason being is that if a certain condition is met (web filtering), the other rules are ignored. For example:

Filter 1 - allow social; Filter 2 - allow downloads; Filter 3 - allow music.

If I have Group 1 and I assign them Filter 1 + 2, SquidGuard will only take care of the first condition, ie, Filter 1. Filter 2 is completely ignored and therefore Group 1 will not be able to access download sites. Having just three filters is not a big deal, but imagine having multiple and multiple combinations.

I have tried using Dansguardian but it seems that it does not allow this function either. Is there a specific Web Filter for use with Linux that allows such function please? Thanks