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    How do I send SMSes from a Linux computer?

    ...I'm assuming that it's not actually a phone that I need to connect to the computer if I want to send in bulk? i.e. that it'll be some other type of device?

    How do I get to this device in PHP? i.e. send an SMS with whatever in it, IN a PHP program?


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    You would need a gsm modem , some guys have hacked regular cell phones to act as a modem : - Home

    Here is some info you might find useful:

    SMS Tutorial: Introduction to SMS Messaging/Short Message Service, Concatenated SMS/Long SMS and EMS

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    Put "sms linux" into a search engine and you'll see dozens of sms clients for Linux. You really need to learn to use search engines. You're wasting lots of time, yours and that of others, asking questions here which are easily found through Google or any other search engine.

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    I prefer to talk to humans, cause they can give me a curated answer. If Google was the be all and end all, no one would come to a forum like this, and it would cease to exist.

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    whether you post here or not, you still need to learn to use search engines.

    some forums cease to exist because they're flooded by people who don't stfw before they ask a question.

    please see here:
    slash7 with Amy Hoy Blog Archive Help Vampires: A Spotter?s Guide
    and here:
    How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

    that said, sgosnell probably built up some frustration because of dozens of post that could have been solved easier by searching the web before asking. so don't take it too personally, we want you around, but we also want you to learn to fish, instead of feeding you fish all the time.

    and i, too would like to find out about sms via linux computer.

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    Sending SMS through email is very easy. The key is knowing the correct email format to use.
    where phonenumber = your 10 digit phone number
    EXAMPLE: my daughter's Sprint phone - send email to:
    5125555555(at) will return the correct sms gateway email addresses for your phone numbers, for free
    page -
    /rx/939/sms_email_cingular_nextel_sprint_tmobile_verizon_v irgin/

    My list of gateway addresses is posted here:
    - since I can't post them on this forum...
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