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    Compress .html and all associated files

    I have tried both of these, but they don't work right.

    Using Thunar under configure custom actions.

    I want to select an .html file and the files in another directory which belong to it and have them all compressed in a zip file.

    zip %N
    zip %F %D

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    is that a task you perform so often that you need a custom action for that?
    i don't think thunar's custom actions syntax is up to the job. better write a shell script and point the custom action to that.
    or just open a gui file archiver and create the archive from there.

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    I can probably write a script, but I would want to be able to select files and directories to be compressed with only a couple of clicks.

    Console are o.k. some of the time, but I prefer a little more speed and convenience.

    Can you get me started on such a working script ?

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    zip %N

    Works for me however if I select files and select the File menu I already have an option to archive them.

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    Picture is worth a 1000 ....

    Picture to help.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Gee guys.

    I have posted on 3 forums.

    I think Linux can do this, but maybe I am mistaken.

    I don't think that it is rocket science.

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    And you're sure that you can't do this with a couple of clicks already? As I said my version of Thunar does this already.

    The picture you posted is worth far less then a 1000 words - it is much to small to be of value on my machine.

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    no, it's not rocket science.
    i'm still not 100% sure what you want to achieve, but the answer is most probably:
    - get aquainted with thunar custom actions and see if it can be done. if not,
    - write yourself a script that will do it. can be bash, python... as you said, boatloads of possibilities.

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    This works.

    zip -r %F
    I also installed Packit which is a fine program.

    I was impressed that it asked if I wanted a shortcut on my desktop.
    That's rare with Linux programs.

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