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    new version of update manager ?

    ok, I was getting the "update manager error" in mint 15, it actually just showed the update managter icon red-x'd out on the task bar, last night I reinstalled mint 13, because i thought it was a LTS, it gives the same error, but at least i can download some software, when i put the mouse over the update manager icon it says " NEW version of update manager available" ok, where do I get it ? I've read tons of posts on this being a problem with "medibuntu" so I removed anything with medibuntu from my computer" but i still get that " something wicked happend" I
    ve been using mint since version 7, i've never seen anyting like this. any help much appreciated.

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    It's pretty pointless to get an new version of an update manager which is basically a GUI for apt-get command. I would consider using the command terminal and if you really are concern about it, check to see if LM have their update-manager package updated.

    Check the syslog for more detail errors.

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    If I remember rightly, clicking on the icon should open update manager which will show the update. Once that is applied, any further updates will then come through.
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