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    iPhone sync - what do I use?

    Hey there guys.

    I have fully shifted to Ubuntu after good ten years of being a Windows user and I love it so much and want to stay on it but there is one thing that is tempting me to switch back to Windows - the fact that I need to manage music on my iPhone. What can I use to do that? I don't need much functionality. All I need is to be able to upload music off my computer to my iphone, and, perhaps, movies too. I tried using rhythmbox but even though I press sync, once the sync is done, the music doesnt appear on my iphones music library. Help? I really don't want to get back to Windows .

    My iphone is iPhone 4s
    IOS: iOS 8

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    Did a very quick search and turned this up... Looks like it at least has some promise.

    Replacing iTunes on Ubuntu

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    Quote Originally Posted by ember1205 View Post
    Did a very quick search and turned this up... Looks like it at least has some promise.

    You didn't get my question. I do know what software to use, such as Amarok and Rhythmbox, but I didn't get how to get them to sync with iPhone. I did manage to do the actual syncing process with rhythmbox but the songs didn't appear on my iPhone

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    I spent a whole day trying everything I could think of to sync a late model IPod using Linux - I finally gave up. Tried 3 different distros and every suggestion I could find on Google - nothing worked. Blame Apple as they close every "door" that Linux tries to open. A few times I thought I had it - it would see the player and sync the music but when I unplugged the IPod from the USB - it would reset itself to factory specs. This is why I will probably dual boot with Win 7 for the foreseeable future...

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