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    Evolution problem

    Guys: Just installed evolution, but when I run it, it says

    mail authication request
    please enter the password for mail account primary (User kredden host; )

    Yet I type in the password I've used for my e-mail account, and it keeps saying "Password is incorrect"

    Is it asking for another password? There is a password to the pop server, and one to the smtp server.

    This is v3.10.4

    Distributor ID: LinuxMint
    Release: 17.1
    Codename: rebecca
    kantuck@zeus ~ $ uname -or
    3.13.0-37-generic GNU/Linux

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    If you are using it as a server, there should be an admin account. You may need to reinstall it and set the admin password appropriately.
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    You might check the authentication type.

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    Ok, been experimenting with Evolution and still nothing working. I finally found the 'check for supported types' and it's password,

    Tried all three 'encryption methods.

    And I copy/pasted the server, port, username from Thunderbird.

    I still get the same error. 'Password is incorrect' should I contact the cable office to see if that may be the problem? Or is it asking for the keyring on my server's password instead of the pop mail?

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    It may be that no encryption is required. The things you need to get right are:
    server type - IMAP or POP
    mail server and port
    user name
    encryption type (may be none)
    authentication type

    You're copying server, port and username from a working configuration? They should be correct. You should be able to check your Thunderbird setup for the other settings as well.

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    Guys: Sorry for the delay in writing. Classes is slowing me down. But I did get evolution running. There was some problems with the setup, thanks to gregm's alerting me to double-check. But also there was some problems on the cable office too. They fixed it in five minutes, and re-set my password.

    Thanks again

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