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    WYSIWIG old school website builder required to work in Mint 17.1

    Here's the thing.... I'm trying to build a website and getting more and more frustrated at crappy Wordpress themes. I don't want to use wordpress at all really. I want to go back to the old way of doing things and use a website building program like Microsoft Frontpage and do all the layout and design manually myself.

    Before I switched to Linux Mint I could do this easily on a really slow old PC running Windows 95. I even had an old CD from Nexscape with a program on that did it for free! So surely with progress I must be able to do it somehow in Linux? Or is this an area where things are actually going backwards?

    Before anyone tells me I should be using wordpress and CSS let me tell you I've already wasted three business days trying to find a suitable theme and there is absolutely NOTHING out there. If I could go back to Win 95 then I could have done my whole site from scratch in a couple of hours tops.

    I want a program that turns what I put on the screen into simple HTML using good old tables, nothing fancy. I don't want different viwes for different devices, I just want bog-standard and simple web pages where I choose where to put tables and what to put in them.

    Is there anything to do this simple task?

    Apparently Kompozer no linger works with newer Linux distros and that's the only thing I've found that comes close.

    The whole thing is driving me nuts, so any help would be much appreciated.


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    Seamonkey comes with a wysiwyg editor or at least it used to.
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