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    Looking for graphical partition editor

    Hey all,

    I'm currently running a dual boot system with Windows XP and Fedora Core 3. Thinking it would primarily be for experimentation and "playing," I started with only about 20 GB for Linux. However, I quickly fell in love with FC3 and have all but stopped using Windows. I now want to scale back my Windows partitions and increase the size of my Linux partition. Is there any way to do this with fdisk or parted, or (even better) is there a graphical tool that will help me?

    Thanks so much!

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    I have never used it but a quick google search turned up this

    I would be carefull resizing ntfs with linux though. Probably best to boot into windows and load partition magic or whatever and resize windows that way

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    Yeah, you're probably right. Thanks though!

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    Or an alternative would be to run through installing mdk 10.1 and utiliising it's diskdrake partitioning tool to write the partitions then bombing out. Mandrake claims diskdrake can resize ntfs wihtout data loss. Check their website first though and make sure you backup first.
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    The System Rescue CD is a good Linux utility for resizing partitions.

    But like the others I would recommend resizing ntfs partitions in windows[/url]
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    Check out Qtparted. It comes with Knoppix and is (from what I hear) a very nice GUI partition program. Usually, I use Chris H's method.

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    Qtparted won't let me screw with my NTFS stuff. Apparently, DiskDrake can be downloaded, but it has some strict dependencies that I can't meet, so I'll just use the Mandrake CD version. Thanks!

    BTW, even Partition Magic can't make very many changes to my Linux partitions. No resizing, no moving... Kinda sucks.

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    why dont you simply format the NTFS partition... and from the formated use what Jeremy suggested it'll work like a charm
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    I can't format because as ready as I am to stop using Windows, I'm not ready to remove it (or all my files) from my computer. Resizing it has to be the way I go. So here's what I should do:

    1. Use PartitionMagic to resize and move NTFS partitions and get them all straightened out.
    2. Use QTparted to resize and move my Linux partitions after all my NTFS ones are straight.

    Sounds good, except PartitionMagic seems to fail even when editing my own NTFS partitions. Fun stuff...

    Thanks, though, guys.

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