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    An Editor for Octave Programming

    I'm an engineering student and since I switched to linux (about 4 weeks ago) I started using octave as an alternative to matlab. It's really good and I have no problem with the lackof a gui, I think its even better without it feels really snappy. The only problem is I havent been able to find a good editor for writing octave scripts, I currently use gedit the highlighting is great but it doesnt do things like auto tab a newline after a "for" or "while".

    If there is such a thing can you recommend me a text editor that would do those things? (Warn me if my post is too long or not clear, I will try to shorten it and be more specific).

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    This may not be what you're looking for but I use vi (vim) for everything. Vim - Octave

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    Myself, I like nedit for programming and script editing. It does require a GUI, which should not be a problem for you. It supports most programming languages, including Matlab.
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