I do some volunteer work where I have to enter some information over a VPN to an Accela form.

Accela says to use a not up to date version of Internet Explorer. In the past because of VPN clients not working I had to run Windows in Virtual Machine to run Cisco AnyConnect. Then I could use Internet Explorer although the Virtual Machine setup was pretty slow.

I found out recently that OpenConnect works so now I can log onto the VPN. For enterering data the form doesn't display very good with Firefox or Chrome and entering data is difficult to impossible. I do find though that Opera 12.16 works fine.

There is one thing though that I am having trouble with. I receive a list of things to do via email as a pdf form, however, I prefer to use the list in a spreadsheet format so I can easily sort my list. Rather than the pdf file I have the option of opening my list as an Excel file. I can't remember if I could just download it as an Excel file or whether I opened it and then saved it from their.

I don't know if something has changed with Accela, but, this year now that I am running everything on linux I can't open the the link to the Excel file with Opera, Chrome or Firefox. I've tried adding extensions and add-ons for this but so far nothing has worked.

Does anyone have any suggestions?