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    Linux with mac look like?

    Hi all,

    First of all I am sorry if this isn't the right forum, I was not sure where to ask.

    I am moving from Mac to Linux, and to make this easier on me I am looking for a Linux that will look like mac.

    Can you recommend something?


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    You will want something like a LINUX LIVE distro with cairo dock, E17, Awn, or Wbar in the live session. Just giving you info on what the dock names are. E17 calls them shelves.

    Like my old setup

    Maybe MeX Linux 64 bit Live DVD, or, Welcome | Bodhi Linux

    One of my E17 screenys

    As the codename implies RhinoLINUX 8.0 Series is built upon the Ubuntu 14.04 'trusty' source code, with some customized Linux Mint tools as well. This is a Long Term Support release.
    Kernel : Linux 3.13
    Upstream contributing codebases: Ubuntu 14.04, Linux Mint 17
    Main Edition features a customized traditional Linux desktop similar to the old Gnome 2.x GUI, using the MATE 3.8 fork of the same. Cairo-Dock is available on MATE for those who like a MacOSX-style dock/launcher at the bottom of their screen.

    I'm sure other members have their own thoughts on this. I never judge a distro by its desktop interface myself. I tweak mine to my own tastes anyways

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    Ah, brings back memories of a post I made 5 years ago! Linux looks like Mac

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    Hi there,

    This look more like windows then Mac, and the rest are rather ugly looking.. Is there anything more comfortable Mac looking?

    " Cairo-Dock is available on MATE .." Can I install Cairo-dock on Linux Mint 17.1 MATE ?

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    I know that the Zorin Ultimate version has the OSX "look" option. Zorin is similar to Mint and a good starting point if wanting to use Ubuntu flavor. Sorry I'm on my phone at work and can't provide a link but a search will turn up their website

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    i've never used a mac, but artistX had a UI that was similar, from what I know. however it's only for cool multimedia stuff - if that's what you're doing, then get it!

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