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    Rsync utilized for backup help

    Hello, I am using rsync for incremental backups and it is working great. The issue I have is if a file is deleted on source my logs do not show it, it only shows files that have been changed or added. I would like to know if a file was accidently deleted so I may restore it from the backups.

    I would like to know if something was deleted from the source directory. Any advice how would be the best way to know when something was deleted from the source directory?



    # Rsync Daily Script

    #Todays date in ISO-8601 format:
    DAY0=`date -I`

    #Yesterdays date in ISO-8601 format:
    DAY1=`date -I -d "1 day ago"`

    #The source directory:

    #The target directory:

    #The link destination directory:

    #The log file target:

    #The rsync options:
    ROPT="-avhi --delete --log-file=$LTRG --link-dest=$LNK -e"

    #The ssh options:
    SOPT="-p 1234 -i /user/.ssh/id_rsa_user"

    #The exclude file target:

    #Exclude command:
    EXCL="--exclude-from $EXCLTRG"

    #Execute the backup
    rsync $ROPT "ssh $SOPT" $SRC $TRG $EXCL

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    You can run the inotify event processor to be informed when files are deleted. That can be scripted, or embedded in a C/C++ program through its API. Read the man pages for the inotify tools.
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