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    Which package installer is usually used on a Linux server?

    Is there a way to determine what package installer has been used most?

    Sometimes we inherit Linux administration duties of servers that used a variety of different tools (e.g., yum, rpm, apt-get, pip, etc.).

    Installing packages with different tools can cause numerous problems. Some dependency checkers only see packages that were installed with one type of installer.

    I'm curious what the breakdown is of enterprise Linux servers and the tools used (e.g., 15% use Yum, 10% use a CM tool, 20% use RPM, etc.). Does anyone know the market share of the Linux installer utilities in 2015?

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    dockers going up, google figured out daniel robbins is a software god and made portage the default package management of chrome books. i might be making things up, but i think google made a distro with portage on the backend, packaging things further in docker.

    emerge world =D

    rpm and deb were very popular for the past few years, so they probably have the majority share, and id guess debian since its package management resolves deps better than red hat

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