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    Compiling Berkeley DB before compiling Bitcoind problems!

    Hi, first of all thanks to all that could help with this. I m very new in fact to linux but anyway I m trying to compile bitcoind following instructions from a book and from the net. The thing is OK and I m about to compile Bitcoind, but I got a little mistake when I run ./configure "Found Berkeley DB other than 4.8, required for portable wallets ( --with- incompatible -bdb to ignore )". that I already know how to solve (./configure --with-incompatible-bdb ). But this solution only skips this missing thing of the Berkeley DB 4.8 as I understand it... and the message suggests that I got an older or newer version of BDB installed ( I installed a lot of libraries refered on "unix build notes", ) maybe?. How could I check?

    So I m following the attached instructions from bitcoin folder "unix build notes" copying-pasting the steps to have this thing of the Berkeley DB solved ( I do insist I m not a programmer or even keen on linux, I just copy paste and the thing works, but I m little confused about what this instructions are about ). The thing has been right in all the steps but on the last step "Configure Bitcoin Core to use our own built instance of BDB" ... well I donīt know what should I writte but the propossed thing does not work for me or I m confused about what exactly should I write down on my terminal. I attach the instructions from the program as explained there and my problem in hope that someone could help. Regards!.
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