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    "DOn't have permissions" on pendrive files

    I have a pendrive which has some movies on it, yesterday, I plugged it in to my CEntos 6.3, and dragged a file to VLC, and I got a "no permissions for this file" or whatever, error. What could have caused this?
    The pendrive was, AFAIK, formatted under Linux, but may not have been the CentOS 6.3 machine itself. Strangely, after I copied the movie TO the machine, the movie ran fine!!

    Btw, I plugged that same pendrive into a Windoze machine, and it didn't recognise it, said it needed to be formatted!!

    Thanks for you guys' help.

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    USB drives sometimes mount as read only. It's surprising that Windows doesn't recognize the filkesystem, I would have guesed it was formatted to FAT32. Anyway, you can gather some information to help trouble shoot the problem.

    df -T
    with the drive plugged in, will show the mount points on your system with their filesystems.

    ls -ld <mount point>
    Replacing <mount point> in the above command with the actual mount point will show the permissions it is mounted with. FAT32 doesn't in itself support permissions so linux assigns the permissions of the mount point to the filesystem.

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