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    How to install lamp server step by step?

    I just install fedora 22 last few day. I wanna to install lamp server on my PC, but I don't know how to install it. I try to search google but almost the same answer and I got problem too. I have downloaded lamp-0.0.12.tar.gz. pls help me to install it step by step and recommend me to latest version of lamp... thank in advance.

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    Hi Buddy

    Check this link
    Now I'm going to teach you how to fish , everytime you want to configure any application or environment, first, go to HowtoForge, check the available tutorials and then, install your Linux Distro.
    I mean, Debian is my favourite Linux distribution, so if I want to install LAMP over Debian, I'll check on HowtoForge first to check if Debian is the best linux for the app that I'm going to install and configure.
    Oh, one more thing, feel free to ask for help.

    Good luck

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    socheat1994, forget about what you started doing there.

    fedora is a well-documented distro.
    go to their webpages, find documentation, wiki, faq and such.
    i'm about 95% sure that they have articles that answer all your questions.

    do never ever(*) attempt to install software from anywhere else but your distro's repositories.

    (*) unless you know 100% what you're doing

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    It works

    It's work now to install it step by step. it was not easy but I please to get knowledge from linux. Thank in advance

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    ninili, Excuse me I want to ask more question. when I use fedora I login as user, I want to use as superuser I dont want to user general user it's got some problem with permission denies. how I can?

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    it's not safe to run as superuser all the time.
    please read this:
    (probably also in your language)

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