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Thread: music player

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    this might sound a bit non-sensical to some but for me its a very big deal ... so i put my music library in RHYTHM BOX in ubuntu only for all my music to be out of order, meaning all the songs on all the albums are all mixed up ! im saying the order, 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 is now 3. 8. 1 .... so i proceeded to uninstall RHYTM BOX an install BANSHEE music player which was ok for a while but last night i noticed the same exact thing happened in BANSHEE that happened in RHYTHM BOX, that being all the songs are out of order again ... does anyone hav a solution asto how to resolve this problem ? any help anyone can give will be greatly appreciated .. thNx

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    Each player has a default sort/display feature - perhaps try that...

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    where exactly would that be located ? hav u any idea ??

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    Do some exploring in the menu or settings. Without a tad of effort on your part, your Linux journey will be pretty bumpy...

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    VLC supports play lists, and will happily allow you to play them in order. You can use the play list tool to jump to any entry in the list.
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    It doesn't sound nonsensical at ALL, I fully feel what you're saying - it's because I'm afraid of things like this that I simply click on MP3s in the file manager, I never allow anything else to touch them.....

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