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    Does Manjaro have anything special?

    I have an option to get a disc of it, so I wanna know - is there anything it offers that other distros do not? Particularly the user interface.....


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    It's based on Arch so it's different from a Buntu or Debian base. I ran it for a month and it works just fine, I'm just more comfortable with Buntu/Debian. It has the same DEs available as most other distros...

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    there isn't so many distros actually based on arch.
    and manjaro is more than just an arch installer script, they use their own repositories.
    you should inform yourself on majaros web pages about the implications.
    it also can't hurt to understand archlinux a little.

    about the DEs, just the usual stuff.

    due to the semi-rolling model many apps' versions are newer than even on ubuntu & mint, but not as bleeding-edge as on archlinux.


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