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    where to find open source developer?

    Hi, i got an idea for an open source project. looking for volunteer

    but im not sure where to reach out programmer and for those involved in open source development, any idea?

    and where should i post the software idea? thanks

    here is the goal of the software

    - true internet freedom
    - it is a hybrid of p2p file sharing + discussion board
    - all the user is totally anonymous
    - the p2p software has to work in decentralized way, centralized server will be prone to attack, taken down by authority
    - there will be bitcoin charges for user want to upload. this is also serves as anti-spamming feature too
    - download/reading and everything else is free.
    - the software is open-source and anyone can take it to modify/etc
    - all the user of this p2p software will automatically sync all the files send and received by other user it is also meant as some sort of NAS function from global user
    - its meant to keep file redundancy and stayed accessible online 24/7

    therefore using bit torrent and TOR protocol is possible solution, but i also read bittorent over tor is bad. so it is not carved in stone. as long as fullfill the goal, any other protocol which would works is fine

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    i suggest you get started with coding and make a repository on, preferably with an accompanying website since you'll be wanting to get people interested in collaborating and ultimatly using your software.

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    ...maybe ? I'm definite I've seen a "Linux" section there, or something equivalent at least.....


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