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Thread: xmms and glib

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    xmms and glib

    Hi all,

    having a huge problem trying to install XMMS on fedora core 3.
    Basically when i go to ./configure i get told that i don't have glib-2.1.1.

    With this i went and downloaded glib 2.3.1 and did ./configure then install then make and it all seemed fine.

    I went to ./configure xmms again and i got the same output, i'm totally confused as to why this is happening, i noticed the output says it cannot find glib-Config script installed by glib. I'm confused! Should my install of GLIB have made this file?!?!

    I've seen this problem crop up on a few forums but i can't find an answer. Am i doing something wrong when installing glib? i can find a file called glibconfig.h in my /usr/local/lib/glib-2.0/include and theres also a load of files that sound like config in the directory /home/user /glib-2.3.1 where i made the install!

    I've tried loads of stuff including altering the $PATH variable to look in these directories, moving files around, trying other multimedia (MP3 is what i want) players.

    Please help if you can,



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    look in you glib sources directory and do
    find ./ -name "glib-config" -print
    if this doesn't work, try replacing glib with glibc or libc. If it finds a file, should not have an extension, copy it to /usr/local/bin. Try running the configure script for xmms again.

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    Download and install glib 2.1.1 like it said. Glib dependencies can be hell, best to use the specific version it says it needs to avoid mass confusion.

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